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Sun. Aug 11th 2019
MVA 2 cars 3 sign-offs,
Mon. Aug 5th 2019
MVA 4171 Roxbury Accident with injury, 20:27 hrs. Car off the road grazing a large power pole, crossing over Roxbury missing a fire hydrant and finally ended up striking a power pole in the bush. No e...
Fri. Aug 2nd 2019
Harris Hill Firefighters were dispatched at 5:03 pm for a motor vehicle accident, involving a motorcycle, at the intersection of Gunville Rd. and Wehrle Dr. One person was treated by crews on scene an...
Sun. Jul 28th 2019
A brush fire was reported at Moes Southwest Grill on Transit Rd. at 4:47 A.M. and first arriving units noted it had extended into the structure. Crews worked quickly to extinguish the fire to keep da...
Thu. Jul 18th 2019
MVA Wehrle near Transit, 1 transport, 1 vehicle on the road and 1 vehicle deep into the woods, Thank you Bowmansville Fire Company and Bowmansville Fire Police.
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Sat. Aug 10th 2019
We would like to extend our Congratulations to Junior Firefighter Barbara Williams. Barb completed the NYS Firefighter 1 Boot Camp and was selected by her Instructors to receive the Robert E. Newell a...
Sat. Aug 10th 2019
We would like to congratulate Firefighter Tim Simmance completing firefighter 1, completion to an extremely rigorous course that is 129 hours long and very challenging. Thank you for your commitment a...
Thu. Jul 18th 2019
Lockport Firefighters would like to welcome new Probationary Firefighter Nick Radlich, who is a past volunteer of 15 years at Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company. Nick is also a Certified Basic EMT. Ra...
Sat. Jul 13th 2019
Chief Michael Schreiber Jr. Weds Melissa Caroline Bantle, Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schreiber Jr.
Mon. Jul 8th 2019
Fire Prevention Little Red Schoolhouse

Don't let this happen to you, keep your grill a very safe distance from your home and flammable materials



We have proudly taken delivery of our 2019 4 Guys pumper. This unit will eventually replace a nearly 27 year old pumper when it is placed in service in a few short weeks. Our new truck committee worked hard to spec this unit out for our community to ensure that it will positively impact our residents for many years to come. The body of the vehicle is constructed of stainless steel which fares much better than aluminum in our harsh weather environment. We thank all of the employees a 4 Guys Fire Trucks for dedicating their hard work, time and talent on something we are so very excited about. Stay tuned for more photos soon!

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New NYS Law
Requires Smoke Detector Upgrades by
April 1, 2019


All smoke detectors sold in New York State

AFTER April 1, 2019, are required to be powered by a 10-year, sealed,

non-removable battery, or hardwired to the home.

This does not affect your currently installed smoke detectors.
Important to note, smoke detectors have an estimated life of around 10 years before they become unreliable.

Homeowners and landlords must upgrade their smoke detectors before selling or renting homes and apartments in New York State.

Breakdown of the new smoke alarm requirements for homes

Effective April 1, 2019, a new NY State law requires all NEW or REPLACEMENT smoke detectors in New York State 

to be powered by a 10-year, sealed, non-removable battery, or hardwired to the home.

According to NYS Law 399-ccc: "It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to distribute, sell, offer for sale, or import any battery operated smoke detecting alarm device powered by a replaceable or removable battery not capable of powering such device for a minimum of ten years."

Homeowners and landlords must upgrade their smoke detectors before selling or renting homes and apartments in New York State.

While these 10-year smoke detectors have a larger upfront cost than traditional alarms powered by replaceable batteries (approximately $20 per unit) the lack of yearly battery changes makes them cheaper over the life of the device.

As with ALL smoke detectors, the Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company recommends that the 10-year sealed smoke alarms still be tested at least twice each year using the button on the front of the unit to ensure they are working properly.

This is our 1941 Antique Parade Truck if you would like to see more pictures of the

before, during and after the renovation please click on the link below Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Please click on the link below to read the renovation story of the renovation

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 Neighbors helping Neighbors.

 Help Wanted! 

If you live in, or near the Harris Hill Fire Protection District and want to be part of a rewarding volunteer organization, we want to hear from you.

Fire Chief Michael J. Schreiber Jr. can be reached by email at the following address:

Please click the link below to learn more about HHVFC




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Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company explorer post 114



Event Information:

***We accept members ages 14 and above. The Explorer Post is limited to those ages 14-18. Those older than age 18, qualify for active membership, and should message us to join today!

Calling all 14-16-year-olds in Clarence and Williamsville, are you interested in trying something new? Want to face different challenges? Want to embark on a challenging and rewarding journey? Our program offers free training, college scholarships and tuition reimbursement, community service hours, and the opportunity to serve your community in a rewarding way! If this looks interesting to you give us a try. The Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company explorer post 114 is currently looking to recruit you. Please private message us, or apply today at!

If you're 16-18 don't worry we have an outstanding Junior Firefighter program that also teaches you everything you need to know how to be a safe and effective firefighter! If you choose to give us a try you won't regret it, benefits range from building great teamwork skills, communication skills, and making new friends that will last a lifetime. And for those high schoolers out there scrambling and looking for community service hours this is a great opportunity, you get a ton of service hours, but most importantly you gain the satisfaction of helping people in your community. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to reach out to us at


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