This is our 1941 Antique Parade Truck if you would like to see more picture on the

before. during and after the renovation please click on the link below Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, outdoor

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Follow the Link below to see 100's of pictures our New heavy duty stainless steel fire Engine 

being built by 4 Guys Fire Trucks 

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Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company held their Annual Installation of Officers on Saturday 1-5-2019 

The HHVFC Elected Officer's for 2019 

Chief: Michael Schreiber Jr.
1st Asst. Chief: Steve Pollard
2nd Asst. Chief: John Moulin
1st Captain: Aaron Metzger
2nd Captain: Eddie Schmitt
3rd Captain: Joey Saletta
4th Captain: Eric Sutherland
EMS Captain: Ethan Moncher

President: Dave Parezo
Vice-President: Bill Ross
Treasurer: Steve Scalzo
Recording Secretary: Keli Prynn
Corresponding Secretary: Gina Saletta
Financial Secretary: Dan Brice
Board of Directors At-Large: Colin Hess, Scott Switzer, Mark Francisco

 Neighbors helping Neighbors.

 Help Wanted! 

If you live in, or near the Harris Hill Fire Protection District and want to be part of a rewarding volunteer organization, we want to hear from you.

Fire Chief Michael J. Schreiber Jr. can be reached by email at the following address:

Please click the link below to learn more about HHVFC




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Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company explorer post 114

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Calling all 14-16-year-olds in Clarence and Williamsville, are you interested in trying something new? Want to face different challenges? Want to embark on a challenging and rewarding journey? Our program offers free training, college scholarships and tuition reimbursement, community service hours, and the opportunity to serve your community in a rewarding way! If this looks interesting to you give us a try. The Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company explorer post 114 is currently looking to recruit you. Please private message us, or apply today at!

If you're 16-18 don't worry we have an outstanding Junior Firefighter program that also teaches you everything you need to know how to be a safe and effective firefighter! If you choose to give us a try you won't regret it, benefits range from building great teamwork skills, communication skills, and making new friends that will last a lifetime. And for those high schoolers out there scrambling and looking for community service hours this is a great opportunity, you get a ton of service hours, but most importantly you gain the satisfaction of helping people in your community. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to reach out to us at


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We take pride in our apparatus. We completely detailed each truck from top to bottom. Every piece of equipment was removed, cleaned, waxed, checked for operation, lubricated, EMS bags were thoroughly checked and updated, along with many other details. A lot of work goes into making sure our rigs stay sparkly white! A Special thanks to FP38 Al Schweitzer for organizing this event.


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