Recent Calls
Mon. Mar 16th 2020
Harris Hill Firefighters have just returned from a fire that caused major damage at Buffalo Joes Cafe, in the Harris Hill Plaza at 8611 Main St. Upon arrival, it was evident that the fire had been bur...
Fri. Mar 6th 2020
Amherst Central Fire Alarm Office500 John James Audubon ParkwayAmherst, NY 14228716-689-1212/ Fax 716-689-1229PRESS RELEASENATURE OF INCIDENT: BEDROOM FIRE DATE & TIME OF INCIDENT: 03/06/2020...
Thu. Jan 23rd 2020
JANUARY 23, 2020

Main-Transit Firefighters respond to Structure Fire in Amherst

Main-Transit Fire Department of Amherst, NY responded to a report of a garage fi...
Sun. Dec 1st 2019
Harris Hill Firefighters were alerted to a structure fire at 2:09 am this morning on Nottingham Terrace. Harris Hill 9 was first on scene reporting fire through the roof. The home was unoccupied at th...
Sat. Oct 26th 2019
Harris Hill Firefighters responded to a fire alarm activation at the Oak Apartments this morning. On arrival, crews found light smoke in the hallways and upon further investigation found a small fire ...
News Headlines
Wed. May 13th 2020
Fire Chief Michael Schreiber Jr. put on our first Zoom fire training tonight going over hydrant hookup and decontamination, While the conditions may not be ideal, (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) our tr...
Sat. Apr 4th 2020
We remain committed to serving our community during this time! Our firefighters safety is our top priority and keeping them safe to continue serving you is very important. Captain Swann created a truc...
Sat. Mar 7th 2020
On 3-7-2020 Harris Hill joined our Clarence and Town Line Fire Department friends for a joint training drill at the Town Line training facility on Broadway. We started out at 0810 hrs with the temp. a...
Sat. Feb 22nd 2020
On Saturday February 22, 2020 Harris Hill had its annual Ice water Rescue Drill, a lot of sun but very cold and a biting wind. thanks to all that participated
Sat. Nov 30th 2019
Harris Hill Firefighters spent the night at the Christmasville Parade! This is a yearly tradition for our company, with several members working together to plan and decorate our truck!
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